Resolve networking issue(123.hp.com/setup TROUBLESHOOTING)

When there are problems with a network connection, you have to review the network settings or follow the steps of printing a wireless test report to diagnose network connection problems.

How to check network settings or print wireless test report?

  • Click on the Wireless icon on the home screen of your HP printer.
  • Now check the options and select Settings.
  • Use the down arrow to view the options.
  • Select Display Network Configuration or Print Wireless Test Report from the list of available options.

If your HP printer does not maintain a wireless connection,

You have to connect your HP printer to a working wireless network successfully. Your printer still loses its connection to your wireless network.

1.Make sure you connect your HP printer to your wireless network.

The Wireless Light Icon is on and strong (don’t blink) when your printer is connected to a network. If the light doesn’t blink, go ahead and print a web settings page. If the wireless light doesn’t blink, then unplug your printer and reconnect to the wireless network.

2.Compare the gateway IP addresses and the printout

Check your IP address under the Wireless section on the network configuration page. It should be noted that the IP address starts at 169.254.xxx.xx. Check the IP address on the printer’s Wireless section. You ought to have a similar pattern.

3.Check if the network name (SSID) has been entered correctly

Check the name of the network under the Wireless section in the printout. If the network you want to connect to is not displayed, then the connection has been changed. Turn off your existing connection and reconnect the network to your wireless network.

4.Look for the problems indicated on the printout

Read the network settings page thoroughly and check for errors on the second and third pages. Follow the print-out instructions and resolve the errors. If the problem remains, go to the next step.

5.Update the Control Panel printers (Eligible for printers with ePrint enabled)

Log on to the customer support page of HP. Enter the name or model number of your printer and click on GO in the Find my Product and get support box. When requested, enter your printer’s model number. Go to the search box for questions or keywords and then type product updates. Press Enter. Press Enter. A document is shown on the screen. Follow the instructions and update from the control panel of your Printer.

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