HP Officejet Pro 9010 Offline Mac

OJPRO 9010 Printer is Offline (Mac) – Troubleshoot OJP 9010

Disrupted communication of a OJP 9010 hp printer can result in one of these messages: ‘ Offline ‘ or hp printer not responding, displayed on screen while trying to print.

STEP 1: If a USB cable connection connects you to your computer, disconnect the cable. Reconnect it a while later and then try to print.

If a network connection has established communication to your computer, disconnect the power cord from your router. Reconnect it and restart your Mac after a while. To go to the System Preferences, click the apple icon. Open hp printers and scanners, print & fax/print & scan, then click on the hp printer name. If your hp printer’s name is not found, reconnect the OJP 9010 hp printer to the network, then click open print to try printing.

STEP 2: Turn on your hp printer and unplug the power cord. Plug in the power cord, restart your hp printer and try printing.

STEP 3: If you find that in the list of hp printers and scanners there are multiple hp printer queues for your hp printer, remove all but one that displays an ‘ idle ‘ status and then attempt to print.

STEP 4: Delete your hp printer from the list. Attempt printing after adding it back again.

STEP 5: Note: Resetting deletes all devices in the print queue.

Reset Printing System by right-clicking in the hp printer’s list and clicking on the option. Add your hp printer back to the list and then attempt printing.

STEP 6: Try to print after disconnecting and reconnecting to your own network from any guest or host network.

STEP 7: Try connecting from another Mac to your hp printer and try printing to make sure your computer doesn’t have the problem.

STEP 8: Confirm that your wireless router supports multicasting.

STEP 9: Either turn off the IPv6 setting on your hp printer control panel in the Advanced Network Settings menu, or search your IP address for hp printer on your internet browser and select Activate IPv4 only on the Network or Network tab.

STEP 10: After entering the hp printer IP address under the IP tab of the hp printer and the Scanner list, select HP jet direct- Socket, add your hp printer back to the list and try to print.