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To make Printing  worriless, exciting and enjoyable use Google cloud print where you could connect your mobile or tablet to your printer and start printing anything, anywhere and anytime. Printing is not a laborious task anymore.

Simple Steps to enable EPrint for laser Jet:


  • Get hold of your printer’s email address and click on the e-print icon.
  • On the control board select Setup > Network Setup > remote menu > Wireless Direct Settings
  • Tap on Wireless Direct On/Off.
  • Click on the name of your Wireless Direct
  • The name of the printer will be shown on the Printer’s Control Panel.
  • Click Ok.
  • Tap on Wireless Direct Mode.
  • You can choose between Print Only or Open Network (Both choices will allow you to get to the ePrinting office, however Open system helps you to get to more elements).
  • Go to Settings in your versatile/iPad/iPod.
  • Turn on the WiFi choice on the Wireless Setup menu.
  • Select your printer name to initiate association.
  • Once the association is set up, tap on ePrint on your cell phone.
  • Now select the documents or pictures that you need to print and tap on Print.
  • The chosen thing gets printed immediately.

Steps to empower e-Print for PhotoSmart:

  • Obtain your printer email address
  • On the Printer’s control board tap Wireless took after by Web Services Setup and Printer email address.
  • Key in the address.
  • On the control board select Setup took after by inclinations.
  • Tap on Product overhauls
  • Initiate the Web services to empower e-Print.
  • Go back to Setup menu to tap on remote.
  • Choose enable Web services.
  • A data page prints out without a moment’s delay with code which is critical for enlisting your printer at Hp e-Print centre.
  • To enroll your printer go to HP e-Print Center www.hpconnected.com and snap onsign in.
  • A new page “Add a printer to your account” opens.
  • Key in your printer code.
  • The gadget now very much composed to send e-Print.
  • Change your printer email address promptly since security is of incredible consequence.

google cloud print

Steps to enable e-Print for Officejet:

  • Secure your printer email address.
  • You could either tap on the e-Print symbol or On the control sheet select Setup > Web Services setup > continue.
  • Run the upgrade and don’t irritate until fulfillment.
  • A data page prints out without a moment’s delay with code which is critical for registering your printer at Hp e-Print focus.
  • To enroll your HP e-Print printer, go to HP e-PrintCentre, www.hpconnected.com eprintcenter
  • Click on sign in and make an account.
  • Create HP web benefit page opens. Fill it and tap on make your account.
  • A new page “Add a printer to your account” opens.
  • Key in the printer code
  • Enter your email address and save it.
  • The device now very much sorted out to send e-Print.

Sending e-Print:

  • Open the involved application on your gadget from which you need to send an e-Print.
  • Since the printer has previously been arranged with a unique email id you may go ahead.

For instance, say you are utilizing yahoo mail; create the mail or pick the document you need to print, enter in the email id of your printer device and send. The document gets printed without delay.

To make your work more effective, list the email customers

  • Hotmail, Yahoo mail, Gmail.
  • Outlook 2003, 2007.
  • AppleMail (iPhone, iPad, Macbook, MacbookPro)
  • Nokia/Symbian Client
  • BlackBerry mail customer