How to print picture 7855 of HP Envy?

  1. Edit the document you want to print before starting the printing process.
  2. Open the document on your desktop or laptop in an application.
  3. Go to Menu File and press Print.
  4. Change print settings if required.
  5. Click Printer Properties or Preferences and, if necessary, change Advanced Settings.
  6. Advanced configurations include paper size, type, printing on both sides and more.
  7. If there is a printer shortcut, set the default setting.
  8. Click OK— > Print, finally.

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How to print HP Envy 7855 photos?

  • Load the input tray with the appropriate photo paper for your HP Envy Photo 7855 Setup printer.
  • Place the photo paper facing down with the print side.
  • Edit the picture you plan to print. Open your computer photo.
  • Right-click on the picture and select Open With. Click on Photo Viewer or Paint from Windows now.
  • Tap Print. Print. The Print Pictures window opens once you click. Change print settings if required.
  • Go to the Properties of the document and change the advanced settings. Choose the Print button.