123.hp.com/setup – How to Complete First Time HP Printer Setup?

Get all your jobs completed with the help of HP printers immediately and easily. The days are now gone when you rummage to get a document printed on paper for your papers. HP printers are a clear source for the highest quality of your job goal. Set the printer up, connect the wireless, complete the 123.hp.com/setup steps and download the compatible printer driver.

Choices under the 123.hp.com printers

123.hp.com Printers HP offers various models with a variety of characteristics and prices to meet the requirements and decisions of clients and to offer uncomplicated methods of getting the prints.

Analyze your job and your budget and choose the best choice from the following printer designs Broadly, HP printers are classified accordingly. When you dive into each variant, various printer models with balanced features can be found.

Attributes of HP Envy Printer.

This printer is the most popular model available and has a number of users because of the potential of dealing with all the business and home print work By taking into account the features such as affordable pricing, quality and size, Envy is one of the most advantageous models on today’s market. Get the best to get good print out.

HP Laserjet Printer Attributes.

LaserJet uses a distinct printing method to print the ink on the document This printer is ideal for customers who choose to print large volume works, but at some moment the printing method uses photosensitive tin to draw the ink so that this printer does not have any technical problems to print even after a lengthy moment in job.

HP Deskjet Printer Attributes.

Laserjet uses a distinct method of printing ink on the document .This printer is ideal for customers who choose to print large volumes, but for some time the printing method uses photosensitive ink to draw the ink so that even after an extended time on work, the printer has no technical problems printing.

HP Officejet Printer Attributes.

Officejet is ideal for all volume office documentation works Officejet model is categorized into fundamental and pro designs, which is a well-know option for all the professional printing works. All characteristics such as copying, scanning, faxing and other fun characteristics are available to make documentation work easer.

Extensive features on HP.

As stated before, HP always includes multiple fresh characteristics and assimilates technologies to printing methods with a focus on an efficient user experience.

Below you’ll find some of the amusing 123.hp.com/setup features commonly found in all HP printer models.

Wireless Connection Mode

This function is very popular with many consumers as it helps to avoid wired contacts. It’s so easy that you can readily set up wireless mode of an imprinter with a single router. The requirement to allow this function is to link the laptop and printer under the same internet network .To allow a wireless link to your printer.

Mobile printing.

Mobile users are in a growing number and therefore enabling the mobile printing option to become a necessary part of HP Print Services plug-in app today allows you to send any media files from your mobile to the printer easily, allowing the printing output of the mobile phone to go to the app store, install the app and export the file.


AirPrint is only an integrated function for all mobile apps. To allow this function just connect your mobile apple and printer to the same internet network and begin sharing mobile media files with the AirPrint option.

Instant ink.

This function is most desirable for all printer users in the fickle and precious time of nowadays. The name itself describes that when your printer runs out of enough ink your ink cartridges can be immediately obtained by allowing this function, the printer can automatically order the ink cartridges, when the current cartridges are draining.

Driver of the HP printer. 

Install the driver using either the Installation CD of the Package or from the 123.hp.com/setup Support This driver software is individually available to the printer and computer for all HP Printer Models. This driver allows control of specific printer options on the computer.

Setup Step

Preliminary Setup

First, removing the cover and other wrap around the printer and its accessories for initial 123.hp.com/setup. Next to switch the printer on, use the power cord from the original pack, and connect the smaller end to the printer port and adapter to the wall port. Once the link is firm, press the Power button next to the contour button.

Secondary configuration

According to the requirements for the printing output for the document, a HP site Wi-Fi Internet Source Wi-Fi printer CD / driver file is required, which is used to log in Connect the printer and your computer to the same Internet network steps.

Settings for paper input and ink cartridge.

By following the control panel choices, the cartridge will be installed and the paper loading will be prompted, the initial ink cartridge packages from the HP cabinet will be taken out and all the wrapings around the cartridges will be removed. The cartridge access gate will open and cartridges will be placed according to the colors.

Driver software installation.

To get the driver software for your printer model separately transfer to 123.hp.com/install page after entering your webpage, type the name & number of your printer in the search function and click on the search button. Your model name printer driver is opened and then press the download button to get the filenames on your desktop. To open the simple beginning and choose the printer name, connect your printer and computer with the USB cable and then readily pick your printer name, your printer will be linked to the computer after the screen instruction is given on the driver’s software and you can opt for several choices from the computer.