Quality printing with HP GT Printer’s free 2-year on-site warranty

This month HP is giving its customers a gift. This is quite an exciting offer by HP. HP has announced that any customer who buys participating HP GT All-in-One Printers from any HP authorized re-seller can avail two years, on site for free.

HP Deskjet

HP is giving its customers a gift

If you are thinking to purchase any of these two printers of HP: HP DeskJet GT 5810 All-in-One Printer or the HP DeskJet GT 5820 Wireless All-in-One Printer, then you will be able to avail this two year, on site warranty for free. Apart from this, you could do high-quality and high-volume printing. This would be possible at a very low cost. HP has promised that they have made sure that the performance of their printers will be totally reliable.

Free two years:

Free two years, on site warranty will be valid only for Metro Manila purchases. Carry-in type of warranty will be applicable for some selected areas only. This warranty obviously includes free repair and service from an authorized HP technician. If your printer runs out of warranty, then all the cost will be shouldered by customers.

We advise you to hurry and get any participating HP DeskJet GT Printers to avail the offer that we mentioned above. Christmas and New Year 2017 can be the best time to buy any participating HP DeskJet GT Printers. This promo started from November 22, 2016 and it will end on January 31, 2017. The last day for claiming this warranty is on April 1, 2017. You can even call HP customer care to know more at (+632) 867-3551. Or you can simply visit their official website www8.hp.com to find out other exciting offers and promos to suit your requirements. Watch out for posters for further details.

HP adds DRM to its all new Ink Cartridges

It is not everyone’s cup of tea to remain in printer and cartridge business. It is on the account of low revenue and knock-off cartridges that are sold very cheap. These knock off cartridges have become an easy alternative. HP has a solution for this: DRM. HP has added DRM to its all new Ink cartridges. This is not a rumor anymore.

After the controversy, HP has said announced that they would release an optional firmware update to DRM in next two weeks. HP says that only a few customers have been affected. HP aims to deploy security features in future as well.

This solution is not for you. This solution is for them. From last week, third party cartridges are not working anymore. Companies like 123kt that sells HP cartridges first noticed the change.

“The purchase of this update is to protect HP’s innovations and intellectual property,” the company tells WIRED.


HP has installed a security chip that has been installed in HP printers and cartridges. If you have used knock-off cartridges, then HP printers give warning sign that it is not compatible with this printer. Now, you cannot sell third party cartridges. You will have tough luck with knock off cartridges if you have a stock of it.

Two years ago, HP decided to split into two. Hewlett Packard concentrates on the cloud. Its partner HP Inc. deals in PC and computers.

HP Inc. has said that the revenue has dropped by 14 percent lately. Between spring and summer, the revenue dropped by 8 percent.

The best news for the consumers is that these restrictions are not going to last for a long time. This has been informed by 123 Inkt. 123Inkt has chips to tackle the HP security. This should be made available in a week or two.

HP to reject cheap cartridges soon

On September 13 2016, HP users found that their third party ink cartridges have stopped supporting it. Many users had unofficial cartridges that they were using with their HP printers. Dutch printer and cartridge vendors have received more than a thousand complaints on a single day.

HP has officially stated that they have a new update of software and their printers are supporting only HP chipped cartridges. Some devices already had built in functionality. These updates were rolled out periodically. HP denied informing when they rolled out the latest update regarding these changes. But 123 Inkt says that the firmware update had been issued since March 2016. It has angered the customers that the unofficial cartridges were cheaper than the official ones.

The problem that is shown while putting in unofficial cartridges were “cartridge problem”, “one or more cartridges are missing or damaged” or “older generation cartridge”. Printers like OfficeJet, OfficeJet Pro, and OfficeJet Pro X are affected.

The unofficial ink filled in HP cartridge will still work, HP has told BBC. “These printers will continue to work with refilled or re-manufactured cartridges with an original HP security chip. Other cartridges may not function,” says HP.

Many HP users are disturbed. “I used to work daily but I am troubled after my HP printer has stopped supporting the third party cartridges that I have bought a month ago,” says a troubled user of HP printer. He was annoyed that HP had not taken the right step and this step was not in the favour of customers.

In many cases, new software is updated with new printers. In some other cases, this has been implemented as part of an update to the printer’s firmware.

123 Inkt, the dutch vendors of printers and cartridges, says that they have manufactured the compatible cartridges. The printer manufactures regularly implement firmware updates to improve the working of the printers. Unintentionally, unofficial cartidges lose compatibility. And that is why error messages are displayed on printers.

HP Launched new LaserJet Printers

HP Introduces New Family of Affordable, Mobile-Enabled LaserJet Printers

HP LaserJet Pro M102w Printer

October 3, 2016 – HP launched six new fast, affordable, High performance and mobile-enabled monochrome LaserJet Pro printers for Small office and for an individual use.

HP LaserJet Pro M12 series:

New, single-function LaserJet Pro M12 series price starting at $99. It is the first HP LaserJet printer for the cost below $100 with reliable printing quality also size of this printer is really smaller ever HP has ever delivered.

Multifunction M26, M100 and M200 series:

These printers are high speed enabled to support people work in this mobile world – with easy access mobile supported versions. This printers can easily print for your needs through remote locations by using mobile, laptop or tablets on the go. HP Eprint Technology now enable users to print their needs directly from their mobile devices through Wi-Fi Direct option in the printer.

  • M200 series offers high speed of seven seconds.
  • It’s 5-10 percent lower cost per page than its predecessor.
  • HP Auto-On/Auto Off technology (saves your energy bills)
  • Five users printing from 150 to 2,500 pages per month.
  • M12/M26 wireless operations are compatible with 2.4 GHz routers only.

Pricing and Availability:

  • HP LaserJet Pro M12 and HP LaserJet Pro MFP M26 series printers are affordable and smaller for your needs.
  • The HP LaserJet Pro M12 is available from Oct. 3, 2016
  • Wireless performance is dependent on physical environment and distance from access point.