HP DeskJet GT 5820 Printer – Wireless Printer Setup (Windows)

For HP DeskJet GT 5820 and 5822 All-in – One printers this document is provided.

Configure your HP printer on the wireless network (Wi-Fi). These steps relate to first-time links, a fresh router or ISP configuration or to restoring the lost link owing to network problems.

Step 1: Review Recommendations.

You need the following things to use your printer on a wireless network.

  • An active Wi-Fi network with 802.11 compliances, such as a home wireless Network Windows
  • A laptop linked to the same network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable

Step 2: Set up and switch the printer on.

The printer must be activated with filled tin tanks, prints and paper loaded before the wireless link is established. Go to Printer Hardware Setup for thorough configuration. If your printer hardware has already been set up, skip this step.

Step 3: Start installing the software.

Start the entire HP feature print driver and software installation on your desktop you want to print from. It includes wireless print drivers and software for scanning and other print management features for HP Printer Assistant.

Note. If you have already attached the printer to a USB cable, go to What if I want to switch to a wireless connection and have a USB connection connection with my printer? FAQ for guidance on wireless link conversion of the printer.

1.Use one of the following options to start the software installation:

If you have an installation disk that supports the Windows version on your desktop, insert it into the computer disk drive and follow the on-screen directions for starting your setup, use one of the following choices.

Go to 123.hp.com, type your model number, start, and click Download. After software downloads, the complete installation method starts automatically.

2.The setup window of software is extended to the Connect window. STOP on the window of Connect!

Step 4: Restore default settings on the Printer

Press printer to reset the wireless settings by pressing a number of buttons in the printer to ensure a link is successful.

1.Ensure that the printer is enabled.
2.If the wireless light blinks, go to the next step to proceed the software installation.
3.Press the Wireless key at the same moment and hold the cancel button for 3 seconds.
4.Wireless light should blink next to the wireless button. If the wireless light does not blink, repeat these measures.
5.Continue to install the software immediately. You can finish the software configuration using the HP auto wireless connectivity function for about 120 minutes.

Step 5: Continue to install software.

Install the software and then connect the printer to your wireless network to complete the print configuration.

1.Return to your computer’s HP setup Connect screen, then click Continue.
2.Read and react until the connection options screen is displayed on each software installation screen.
3.Make sure that the light button on the printer is fully illuminated and that the wireless light blinks. If the light button is dim (specify energy save mode), click it once until it gets bright.
4.Choose Wireless – Make a wireless link to the printer on the Connection Options screen, then press Next.
5.After your network setup is checked, one of the screens below shows the best accessible way to finish the wireless setup.

HP Auto Wireless Connect: Network control automatically collects data about your network connection. Click Yes, then Next press.

Using a USB connection, wireless configuration: Network Check cannot collect your network configurations. Connect your computer’s USB cable to your printer, then press Next. Use only a temporary USB connection, and the installer prompts you to disconnect the USB cable after the installation is completed.

6.Read each setup screen and respond until HP Connected opens its webpage.

You’re done if you want to use your printer now. In the upper correct corner of the window, click the near button.

If you wish to register for a HP Connected account, complete the form and follow on-screen directions. See Using your HP Connected Printer for more data on HP Connected.