3D printer prints half of the HP’s 3D printer

3D printer prints half of the HP’s 3D printer

HP 3D PrintersHP has found out that using the 3D printed parts in their two new devices is profitable. Stephen Nigro, HP’s head of 3D printing section, has confirmed that half of the part of their 3D printers are manufactured with the help of 3D printer itself.

Many users have found it very impressing. This is the sign how effective and efficient are those HP 3D printers. But according to Stephen Negro, it is quite economical as well. He said that they took this decision by keeping manufacturing cost in their mind. Their decision was quite economical.

They prefer 3D printing when it requires the manufacturing of smaller parts. When they have to print more than 55,000 parts, HP prefers to use 3D printing technique over moulding techniques to manufacture those smaller parts.

“The reason we’re doing it is not because we can, although that certainly would be one reason. It’s because we should: it actually makes economic sense for us to print those parts; we can actually save money.” This was what Stephen Negro has to say when asked regarding the 3D printing of the parts of their 3D printers.

Even HP was quite surprised to find out how much they can utilize the 3D printing in the manufacturing of custom parts. This is quite fascinating that the 3D printers are now printing some custom parts with the help of 3D printers only.

At first, HP thought that they would be able to print five or six parts. But when analysed, we realised that they could print half of the parts by the 3D printing. This was quite an economical step.

In 2005, ReRap project was launched. In this project, the goal was to create self-replicating machines. The team creates and shares the result of the progress but in practice, this has not been successful yet.

3D printer prints half of the HP’s 3D printer
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