Make sure that your HP printer is supported on a Windows 10 computer or tablet and then download the available printer driver and software. You can also go to to check which printers are Windows 10 compatible.

The HP Printer Install Wizard automatically finds the most suitable printer driver for your printer. This free software is available on Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Users have the freedom to download drivers from or from our website.

  • Switch to your software to you 123 HP Printer Model.
  • If your HP printer is connected with a USB cable to a computer / laptop, disconnect it and wirelessly connect it.
  • Go to to download computer software and drivers.
  • On request, choose a way to identify your printer model and follow the instructions on the screen to navigate to the download page.
  • When you find the required driver option, click on the download button next to the option or for further options, click on Basic Drivers.

NOTE: The full feature driver should always be downloaded.

How to install and use the built-in print driver for Windows?

  • Type Windows on the search bar for changing device installation and select Change installation settings from the list of options displayed.
  • Now, the Device Settings Window is displayed.
  • Select the Yes option and click Save Changes.
  • Connect your HP printer with a USB cable and Ethernet connection or wirelessly to the computer / laptop.
  • Choose the type of connection for your printer and then use the Windows Add a print wizard to install the integrated print driver.
  • Depending on the functionality of your printer, try scanning and printing a document to ensure that your printer is operational.