How to download the printer driver

Get that printer out of the packaged box and safely remove all protective accessories.
Dismiss the package of tin cartridges and hold it on one side, if you hold its dirt ink twice over your hand.

Slowly open the access receptacle for the ink cartridges and push the ink cartridges inside the slot outlined. Continue to push the snap.

  • Get the HP printer association wire; remove the plug on the electric socket.
  • Press and turn your printer on the ability button.
  • Set and choose your printer on your board.
  • Install cartridges for your ink and set the printer to work.
  • First, look at your page to find out how the printer works properly.
  • For your printer, you need to transfer the drive and software package on the websites.
  • Select the transfer file and click the install to execute it.
  • The procedure shows that the instructions are continued and the installation method is completed.

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