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Immediate support, assistance with step by step guide to resolve your printer issues! Whatever your query, we are here to fix anything related to install, setup, troubleshoot or driver download on HP printers from 123.hp.com Website. You are just a click away to resolve your HP printer issues!

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Standard & Basic troubleshooting steps

Here are some easy remedies to fix printer

The most common hurdle that worries HP printer users is the inability to kick off the printing process.Continual turn down of the print command could be due to scores of reasons.Here are some easy remedies to iron out the obstacles in the way of the printer function.

  • Make sure the printer is turned on.
  • Check for the connected cables between the printer and computer to ensure its intractability.
  • Confirm unobstructed internet connection
  • Ensure that the compatibility of the software configuration is properly matches you’re your printers.
  • Quarantine the issue through thorough examination
  • The above-mentioned issues are easily fixable. And for complex issues, professional assistance is always needed.

We ensure that our services will help in fixing most of the issues that may arise on your printers and it gives better results for your investment.

What we provide?

Setup a printer is really simple; configure your printer for any Operating systems without any trouble. We are here to help you to fix any HP printers issues. We provide various services that includes

  • Printer Setup/Installation
  • Printer driver issues fixing
  • Setup a printer to access it Wirelessly
  • Low printing speed issues
  • Printer spooler errors and Paper Jam problems
  • Driver update or fixing corrupted drivers
  • Cartridge ink Jam & Frequent Paper Jams
  • Paper feeder problem, picks up multiple papers
  • Printer causes computer freeze issue
  • Facing problem with configuring ePrint or iPrint

Give a Call to us for Technical Assistance at (Number). Get our HP printer Geeks Help & support to setup your HP Printer in computers with any operating systems that includes Windows10, Windows8.1, Windows 8, Windows7, Windows XP or Mac at your home or office network.

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A stanch and passionate 123.hp.com printer support service to resolve your HP printer issues.

123.hp.com/setup helps in providing remarkable, efficient and extensive technical support services to customers. We have a team of printer geeks who helps you in resolving printer issue permanently. Just sit and watch how our Geeks fix your printer issue now!

We provide Technical support for all most every version of HP printers with 24*7 support services.

Our HP Printer experts will resolve all major and minor issue that arises in your printers. We can easily fix the issues with super speed troubleshoot methods to fix your printer issues. Simply give a call to the following Toll Free number or initiate the chat that pop over the right bottom of the webpage to rectify printer problem.

Call us on (Phone number here) and talk to our hp support team or CHAT now! for immediate fixes.

123.HP.com - Printers Setup


Our Major and Minor services are listed below:

  • Configuration
  • Diagnostics
  • Self-maintenance run
  • Driver installation and updates
  • Troubleshooting
  • Repair and upgrade
  • Concerns regarding Printer suite
  • Cartridge or toner change
  • Setup Network ,Shared Network


Toll Free Support

Call us on (Toll Free Numbers) and get Geek support from our 123 HP setup support team for immediate results. We offer services completely for your satisfaction; also we have better refund policies in case if you have trouble.

Top 3 reasons why you need to choose

1. We are the team of experts who provides high quality support for all types of HP printers that include driver installation, setup and troubleshooting by our Printer Geeks.

2. Our professional Printer Experts will provide you a complete solutions for any HP Printers.

3. We will completely guide you in the process of installation, setup from 123.hp.com or 123.hp.com/setup to resolve any printer issues.

17 simple steps to install drivers and software for HP Page wide and LaserJet Printers using 123.HP.COM:

  1. Initially just open the web browser on your personal computer or laptop.
  2. Based on the preferred printer you can go to either 123.hp.com/page wide or 123.hp.com/laser jet.
  3. Then enter the printer model and select the driver version.
  4. Click the Download button.
  5. Open the downloaded file by choosing the option
  6. Again click Run, then click yes or continue in order to proceed on with the installation process.
  7. Once the files are extracted, the HP Start Utility launches its process automatically.
  8. Then Click Continue.
  9. Click on the checkbox in order to accept the terms and conditions and then click continue.
  10. Select the option of HP Page wide or the laser jet printer from the list and then click continue.
  11. Then finally select either options of full software and Drivers or Basic Driv
  12. Click Continue option.
  13. Then click the Run command and press Continue to the installation.
  14. Then the driver for your printer is downloaded automatically and launching starts.
  15. Click on the Next option to proceed further.
  16. Again select on the Checkbox options in order to agree with the terms and conditions, and then click on Next.
  17. Click on Next option for three times continuously.

Finally, click on the Finish button in order to complete the process successfully.

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HP DeskJet Series Printer Installation & Setup

First Time Printer Setup with the simple steps

  1. In order to perform the HP Desk jet setup from our site, initially remove the printer from the packing and check all the items that are available.
  2. Then remove the packing material from the scanner lid just by raising the lid from one step to another.
  3. Next, remove the entire packing material from the ink cartridge area including the other parts in the printer.
  4. Then move on the paper tray until clicks and then remove on the tape from the paper tray.
  5. In order to turn on the printer, plug into the power adaptor and then change the preference option.
  6. The next step is to select the language by just press the down arrow in the concerned control panel in order to continue the HP Desk jet printer setup.
  7. Select the country and the location by just pressing the down arrow.
  8. Press on OK in order to save the changes.
  9. In order to start the loading paper, just take out the paper tray along with its extender.
  10. The slider position should be placed at the outermost positions.
  11. Finally, loading and the aligning paper should be into its place and push the tray forward until it locks into its concerned place.
  12. Then place the ink cartridges into its concerned place, load it and lock it.
  13. The Carriage will move automatically to its subjected accessible position once the access door is raised.
  14. In order to start with the HP Desk jet printer setup, the carriage should be idle one to process on further.
  15. Before inserting the new cartridge into its concerned place and then take the cartridge from the package and then remove the plastic tape from it without any damage of the ink nozzles.
  16. At last, place the cartridge into the ink cartridge slot just by lifting the lid.
  17. Follow the same steps too for the other link cartridges too and close the lid in order to avoid the cartridges damages.
  18. Once the print cartridge is placed, just close the access door and check whether the alignment of the cartridge is placed properly just by following the instructions from our concerned website.

Once the ink cartridges are aligned successfully then start printing of the alignment page.

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