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  3. Wireless Setup
  4. Driver Softwares Installation
  5. Troubleshooting

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We provide rapid services to enjoy trouble – free HP Printers printing, even though the problem is not complex, we can help you with an immediate solution to completely remove issues from the HP Printer device and guide you with printer configuration, installation procedures, etc.

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123 HP Printer Driver & first time Installations Flow

The installation process starts with driver Download and Unboxing

  1. 123 HP Printer Wireless Setup
  2. 123 HP Eprint Setup
  3. 123 HP AirPrint IOS
  4. 123 HP Cloud Print
  5. Setup Windows – Mac – Smartphone connections
  6. 123 HP Scanner Setups
  7. 123 HP Printer Paper Jams
  8. Check HP Ink Level
  9. 123 HP Print performance Optimization and Speed Fixing poor print quality

123 HP DJ Paper Feeder Issues

  1. Last download and install printer driver
  2. When pages are bogus If more than one page is agreed to solve print problems (Windows)
  3. To fix print problems (OS X) Delete, Hold, Resume, Pause
  4. Connect 123 HP DJ Printer Using USB option
  5. 123 HP Printer Configuration for HP Eprint
  6. 123 HP Printer Air Print setup
  7. Printer Setups for Google Cloud Print
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Downloading a driver software FROM 123.hp.com/setup and unboxing

You can record loads of your page and see exactly where bottlenecks or stops take place!

  1. Clear a paper jam issues
  2. Simply clearing your paper jam from input tray
  3. Simply clearing your paper jam from print zone
  4. Simply clearing your paper jam from the rear of the printer
  5. Simply clearing your paper jam from the document feeder
  6. Simply clearing your print carriage jam
  7. Guidelines to avoid paper jams and When Paper from the tray is rejected

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Our Major and Minor services are listed below:

  • Configuration
  • Diagnostics
  • Self-maintenance run
  • Driver installation and updates
  • Troubleshooting
  • Repair and upgrade
  • Concerns regarding Printer suite
  • Cartridge or toner change
  • Setup Network ,Shared Network


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Download and unbox driver

  1. Get this printer from the packaged box and safely remove all protecting accessories.
  2. Unbox the ink cartridge package and hold it on one side, if you have its dirt ink double side on your hand.
  3. Open the tin cartridges slowly to the tray and move the tin cartridges into the defined slot.
  4. Keep holding the snap.
  5. Get the hp printer connection wire; take out the plug on the electric socket.
  6. Press the power button and turn the printer on.
  7. Set and select your printer in your control panel.
  8. Install and set your printer to work on your ink cartridges.
  9. First, test your page to properly check the printer.
  10. You need to download the drive and software on the websites of your printer.
  11. Choose the download file and click the install to execute.
  12. The procedure shows that the instructions and the installation process are continued and followed.

The requirement:
First connect your printer to the internet, connect via Ethernet cable or wirelessly. Secondly, check the printer and your computer’s Internet connections.

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How to get your Wireless Network Printer configuration

  1. Set your hp printer option in the control panel, scroll the printer option and select the hp printer. Select the available network.
  2. Select the network. Select the option available; choose your wireless mode now.
  3. Select your wireless setup, your wizard, to display new settings before you on the desktop display.
  4. Follow these points to complete the process of your printer setup.

HP Scanner Setups

The user can scan a document, images, and any important document files with the 123.hp.com HP scanner to save it to your computer. The printer software on your computer has the scanning option for the user after the display in your display. After some of the function available is shown in the scan, install the hp printer software. It is therefore austere to download the printer hp software.

How is a computer scanned?


  • As soon as you check your computer, the authentic hp printer software has been installed on your computer.
  • Turn your computer on and connect the hp printer over the network.
  • If you use the Windows operating system, it will work before the software is scanned.

Your OS is based on the following performance functions.

Windows 8.1: the start screen is on the bottom left and corner, tap the face downward arrow. The list of options now available, tap the utilities, choose the printers.
Windows 8: tap right on your empty area in your start screen. Select the name of your printer and the tools selected from the app bar.
Window 7, window view and window XP; tap the start button on your desktop.

Hp eprint setup

Should your printer and computer or laptop be connected to the same network.
The original differs from the printer because it is an attachment.

How to print document from anywhere?

  1. Open the control box and select an eprint icon for printing.
  2. Confirm the option for Web services.
  3. On your display you will see the instructions to follow our terms and conditions, click the option, yes to select.
  4. Sign up the eprint account to print the eprint.
  5. Send your photo or document to the printer in an email.
  6. Please include your photo and the subject document in your email.
  7. Send your email to mention the email address of the printer.
  8. The mail from your phone is received; the printer begins to print your photo or document.

HP Cloud Setup

  • Turn on your computer and tap the power button.
  • Open your desktop chrome browser.
  • Sign up for the optional in the right corner in your browser.
  • Tap the chrome icon and select the settings on the browser to list.
  • The list opens to display many possibilities on your display, by scrolling down the option and selecting the advanced option.
  • From the scroll down menu select Google Cloud print and then tap Manage button.
  • When Google cloud print is discovered, printers connected to the existing network are started.
  • Your printer is looking for a new category of device to browse and you must ensure that you are confirming your registration to again click the button.
  • Note; you may be asked to finish your printing registration process in your printer control panel.
  • First, you make sure that your printer is connected online and works properly, assume you did not see a registered list of the hp printer, try connecting your email address to your hp print via hp eprint.

HP Printer Paper Jams

  • Open the access door in your link cartridges.
  • Double check in your printer on the paper path.
  • If any paper has been jammed, lift the cover for the paper path and remove it.
  • The paper path is reinserted and locked in place.
  • If the problem still prevails, look for a door in any paper jam.
  • You look at any jammed paper in the print carriage entrance door.
  • Take the paper out and pull it to you.
  • Take out all paper pieces, move the printed carriage.
  • Now the ink cartridges are gently closing the entrance door.
  • Check the paper tray, suppose I’m still in print work with the problem.
  • When extended, hew up the output channel and pull the input channel.
  • Press the button on the sides of the printer to pull the input tray.
  • Check every nook and corner for jammed paper before you pull out the tray.
  • Insert the paper bag to insert the tile back and place before the jams are cleaned.
  • Gently lower the output tray.

Select all programs, select HP and then, on your computer, click on the folder.

  1. Go to the scan section in your computer option and choose to manage the scan.
  2. Select the enabled option.

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